Recovery House

Recovery House

Rev. Mark Lees is our Club President but has many other roles including the Chairman of Trustees for the East Northants Faith Group, and in this role serves as Development worker for the ENFG, and team leader for East Northants Community Services.  He is based as an Associate Minister in local church with a passion and a heart for seeing faith communities partner together to make a difference in this day in our society.

And just one of the projects being run by East Northants Community Services is Recovery House.  This new project opened in February 2015 and is a 6-bed residential unit offering a 6 month 12 step Christian based recovery programme, for adults who are recovering from drug and alcohol related problems.

This year, we especially wanted to support Mark in this new project and have already purchased a CCTV security system for the unit, meaning that both residents and staff alike feel secure, but this also acts as a deterrent to any clients who may be tempted to abscond.  During this coming year, we are hoping to fund the Saturday Life and Experience project, allowing all six residential clients access and experience to a wide range of activities, training experiences and events as part of their ongoing rehabilitation.  These could range from visits and events, to practical training, work experience and development opportunities, to volunteering opportunities in the community, or life experiences such as sporting, canoeing and sailing etc.

The support we give to the programme is not only financial; we also visit at least once a month, providing support to the service and helping out in any way we can.  For instance, we helped to clean and prepare the rooms prior to the opening of the unit, and we have also helped to weed and tidy the garden.

It is easy for us to develop an interest in the characters that come and go from Recovery House.  Each one has a story to tell, most times not pretty, sometimes not very encouraging, but yet each of them choose this programme to make a difference in their lives.  It is rewarding for us to see the progress that is made and we hope that by showing interest in them and sympathising with their problems, the clients gain something back from us, as well as us from them.

Recovery House
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